Giant nut has everyone thinking naughty thoughts.

Seems a 45 pound nut, called coco de mer or “nut of the sea”,  from a palm tree that grows near Madagascar has folks once again thinking lewd thoughts.

The biggest and most salacious seed in all the world has come to the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, and no one can look at it without blushing. That’s because the 45-pound whopper looks exactly like, well, there is no delicate way to put it.

Looking at the image they provide on the web site I’m still not sure exactly what part of the anatomy it’s supposed to remind people of, though based on the article I’m assuming most folks think it looks like a pair of men’s testicles. The larger picture, to me, looks like a plaster cast of someone’s butt. Still, I find it hilarious that the conservatory gets this rare and valuable nut that they hope to grow into an exotic tree (they expect it to take over 30 years before it’ll produce its own naughty nut) and the thing the article focuses on is what human sexual organ it may or may not look like.

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