For sale, slightly used, car from Woody Allen’s movie “Sleeper”.

There’s still about 11 hours or so to bid on a used car at eBay that will definitely have you standing out from the crowd. The movie Sleeper is one of the few Allen movies I actually like. If you have a spare $25,000 to bid on it you can buy this car and be the envy of Woody Allen fans everywhere. Me, I’m saving my pennies for a used Land Speeder.

2 thoughts on “For sale, slightly used, car from Woody Allen’s movie “Sleeper”.

  1. how are you sir, am Fred am America I am highly interested in this of your car, I will like to know if it still available and I want you to tell me his last offering and his presence condition, if it will be okay with me I will be making my payment with a certified cashiers cheque. If you do I want you to get back to me immediately for me to proceed with the payment. and as for shipping I will contact a shipping agent of mine who will arranged for the pick up as soon as the transaction is sealed ,and I will be looking forward to your response, you can send me the pics through my email.

  2. I’m not selling the car. I merely linked to an auction on eBay where it was being sold. As far as I’m aware the auction ended some time ago.

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