“Copy-proof” CDs cracked with 99-cent marker pen.

Talk about the pen being mightier than the copy-protection. All that time and money invested in what is believed to be a fool-proof copy protection scheme to stop folks from ripping tracks from Sony CDs and even a fool could defeat it with nothing more than a good old fashioned magic marker.

4 thoughts on ““Copy-proof” CDs cracked with 99-cent marker pen.

  1. Okay, apparently if they can spend money on “copy-proofing” CD’s then their sales can’t be doing that bad.

    There’s definately a Goddess, though, if a felt-tip maker can make all your music piracy dreams come true.

  2. I find it so funny that this information is basically getting shared at warp speed. Silly record companies..silly GREEDY record companies.

  3. Ah, looks like the article I linked to has expired so let me elaborate.

    What I was talking about only applied to an attempt to copy protect music CDs that Sony Music was producing. The copy protection was based on how PC CD-ROM drives read CDs versus how most CD players read them. The outer edge of the disc had an intentionally corrupted track that caused most CD-ROMs in PCs to reject the disc as unreadable, but that most CD players ignored. It cost a lot of money to come up with this idea.

    Then some guys figured out within a few days that if you took a black magic marker and ran it around that outer edge you could once again get the music CD to be recognize by your PC’s CD-ROM drive and start ripping tracks from it. This trick doesn’t work on game CDs.

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