Commercials of and before my youth.

Somehow I managed to go from thinking about the oddity that is National Masturbation Month earlier this morning (see entry below) to old commercials. Funny how things sometimes tie into each other. Knowing that the internet is just full of people putting up websites about just about anything you can imagine I figured there had to be some out there devoted to funny Japanese commercials. I didn’t dig long enough to come up with one, but I did come across a lot of sites that did deal in funny or really old commercials of all kinds. One of my favorites is the Coca-Cola Television Advertisements Home Page seeing as I probably provided much of the funding for a lot of those with the massive amounts of Coca-Cola I’ve consumed over the years. Of course you know there had to be a site devoted exclusively to Super Bowl Commercials. When you stop and think about how long TV has been around and the number of new commercials that go into rotation every day you suddenly realize, like me, that you really don’t have any idea how much time, money, and reels of film that must actually be, but you’re probably thinking it must be a helluva lot! I know I am. The really sad part is that I actually found it all interesting enough to make a blog entry out of it.

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