All things considered, I’d rather be at E3.

Back when the summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago was where all the latest and greatest video game developments were announced and displayed my video gaming buddies and I would come up with some pathetic excuse for a connection to the “industry” so we could go to the show and spend a three day weekend playing all manner of games that wouldn’t hit the shelves for several months yet to come. Then the video game industry grew big enough to qualify for its own convention and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was born. Naturally, they decide to hold these expos out in Los Angeles or down in Atlanta neither of which is a comfortable driving distance from Detroit, so I’ve yet to go to one. I want to attend one some day. A couple of my buddies have gone several times including last year when they used the company name I was attaching to the Anime related web sites I was running to rationalize their eligibility to attend. I did review the occasional video game from time to time, but none of them, technically, worked for me.

Normally I just depend on the mounds of coverage from the various online video game related web sites that always attended, but the few that have survived the collapse of online advertising revenue have started to make the move to a subscription format where most of the really good news articles you’d want to read are restricted to paying members only. I don’t tend to read these news sites because they’re outstanding examples of journalism as much for their ability to get news up quickly. None of them has been good enough to convince me to pay for their content yet so this year I’m not swimming in as much up-to-the-minute news. Not that I need to, life is such that there are already a half-dozen or so video games already on store shelves that I want desperately but haven’t had the spare cash to afford let alone getting excited about stuff that isn’t even available yet. Still, the sheer joy of bragging to someone who bought the brand new Super-Sonic-Adventure-In-Zelda-Land-Of-The-Crash-Bandicoots game that you played it for a bit some eight months previously is one I’ve not been able to experience in awhile. It’s sometimes fun to be a bit of a snob over things that don’t really matter.

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  1. I can honestly say that the trip we took to CES in Chicago remains one of my favorite memories. Oh my heck it was fun!! (Yes, that is in fact code to any other Survivor fans out there..) 

    We shoulda milked the Anime site a lot more, by the way. *grins*

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