A great example of what’s wrong with Americans.

This morning while watching the morning newscast they did a small financial report about how some money-related company recently completed a poll of people who have bad money spending practices. The main point of which was that the greater majority of the people polled said that once the economy returns to whatever passes for “normal” these days they’d probably go right back to being as big a dumbass about how they spend their money as they were prior to the recession.

In other words, I pointed out to my lovely wife, once their eyeballs heal up they plan to go back to shoving sharp, pointy sticks into them. And people wonder why I don’t tend to fall in with whatever the popular group-think of the mainstream happens to be at the moment.

1 thought on “A great example of what’s wrong with Americans.

  1. It’s painful to watch isn’t it?  It’s exactly what happened in Massachusetts.  The economy was doing great, so the short sighted folks in this state thought it would be a fabulous idea to have a huge tax cut.  So, naturally, now all of the social service programs are getting cut nearly in half now that there is a “recession.”

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