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I am a pretty staunch supporter of the separation of church and state, as you might imagine given that I am an atheist, and I’m often questioned as to why I make such a big deal about it. I usually end up pointing the questioner to a recent news article like this one wherein a blatant endorsement of Christianity by local government has been allowed for years until someone finally decides to challenge it in court. In yet another case of a display of the Ten Commandments being someplace where it entirely does not belong for entirely too long, the courts have agreed that said display is unconstitutional and ordered its removal. The fine officials of Chester County in Pennsylvania have decided it’s a worthwhile expenditure of tax payer money to appeal the decision and while the appeal is being heard, the judge has ordered that the disputed plaque be covered until a final determination on whether it is allowed to stay or has to be removed is made.

This seems to me to be a reasonable compromise until the appeal can be ruled upon. Naturally, reason has no part in this story. A fair number of Christians showed up to protest the covering of the plaque and just generally get in the way and make such ridiculous statements as:

“I’ll sleep here,” said Shirley Kilby Reese, 37, of West Chester. “I’m staying here until that cover is gone. I’m outraged.”

All because some folks feel the need to force their religious views onto the rest of their fellow citizens. Not surprisingly the person responsible for filing the lawsuit has already received a number of phone calls threatening her with various forms of bodily harm which, of course, is exactly what Jesus would do if he were still around to do it. Think about that for a second, my snide comment aside, there are people out there threatening to harm and even KILL someone because they filed a lawsuit to have a plaque with the words THOU SHALL NOT KILL removed from a courthouse wall. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in that line of thinking? These people don’t need the Ten Commandments mounted on a courthouse wall, they need them mounted onto their foreheads so they won’t forget the rules they want everyone else to live by.

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  1. As an atheist also, I find myself being more tolerant of others beliefs perhaps because I hope that by offering tolerance, I may one day see it come back to me.  In a country like America, which purports to be ‘FREE’ we should be free of influences both foreign and domestic, religious and secular.  Will we all get what we want from a democracy?  Of course not!  It’s a democracy which means compromise…I put up with the ‘In God we Trust’ on our currency and the constant barrage of Christian propaganda from our local and federal politicians and you quit trying to draft religious beliefs into enforceable laws. 

        I was born into a democratic nation and I have watched as it has fallen into disrepair, but I will not sit by and watch it turn into a theocracy because a bunch of zealots refuse to let us live our lives by our own rules.  When I was younger I read the bible (hell, I was raised a Methodist) and the thing Jesus seemed to revile more than any other was a hypocrite.  If I end up in hell (you know, the whole judeo-christian fire and brimstone with pitchfork wielding horned imps) I imagine there will be a whole lot of confused ‘Christians’ down there with me, and MAN are they going to get an earful!

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