More new toys…

I mentioned awhile ago that I bought a new cheapie Kodak 3200 Digital camera. It was a bare-bones 1 megapixel camera with a measely 2 megabytes of internal storage that allowed for it to store 22 pictures at it’s lowest resolution setting. We figured it would be a good way to get started in the world of digital cameras and we’ve been having fun with it so far. Well yesterday a package arrived with two items I had been meaning to buy for the camera since we got it. 128 megabytes of compact flash RAM and a USB flash RAM card reader. I had intended to only purchase 64 megabytes or so, but the deal I got on the 128 ended up costing only a little more than what 64 would have.

The end result is that I can now capture over 1,000 pictures in the camera’s lowest resolution and a good 380 at it’s best. Previously I could only get a mere 5 pictures at the best resolution. This beats the hell out of any roll of film I’ve ever purchased and I can ensure I have hard copies of only the pictures that are actually decent. The USB card reader makes getting those pictures onto the PC faster and less painless too. Under Windows XP no additional software was needed to use the card reader. Just plug it in and it’s treated like another removable disk drive. XP does have a nice built in digital camera wizard that kicks in as soon as you insert the memory card that helps download any pictures on the card. I was surprised to learn that this wizard is even easier to use and had more features than the program Kodak had included with the original camera. It’ll even remove pictures from your memory card for you as soon as they’re downloaded if you want it to. Plus it’s way faster than the serial connection that came with the camera. Say what you will about Windows XP, but it’s got a lot of little features like that which will ultimately make it popular with the mainstream public.

Now, to get around to adding some sort of photo gallery to the website…

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