Lee brand jeans make an ass of themselves.

In what I can only describe as one of the more… revealing… advertising campaigns I’ve seen in awhile, Lee Jeans in Europe have produced a television commercial that tells the story of a group of naked talking butts that go on a road trip in search of Lee brand jeans. See what we miss out on by having such a puritanical attitude towards what’s acceptable on TV?

5 thoughts on “Lee brand jeans make an ass of themselves.

  1. I think that if Lee Jeans wants to put out talking butts maybe they are going after three year old kids. Yet, they still have a right to do it. Instead of talking about Lee Jeans butt comercials maybe we should be worried about children coming acrossed the naked picture of the
    Dixie Chicks with opinions put on them. They shouldn’t be judged by there opinion but there are better ways to express them.

  2. Have you seen the picture in question? It’s no worse than what can be seen in a half-dozen different prime-time dramas. In fact it probably shows less naughty bits than most prime-time dramas do.

  3. that kinda thing is more acceptable in Europe than the conservative-assed US. dont act like a southerner

  4. I think you are all seriously overlooking the deeper question about such things… Who actually gives a shit? And why has someone devoted their OWN time to make it into a website?

  5. Sounds to me like you have a poor grasp of what a “deeper question” would be, Bob. Not that it’s clear what or whom you’re referencing. If you’re speaking of the original entry about the Lee Jeans ad and why anyone would make it into a website, well, have you looked around the site? This is but one or some 1500+ different entries on all manner of topics so to say that the website is devoted to this one entry is a bit daft. As to who gives a shit, I don’t know that anyone really does, I just thought it was an interesting and amusing commercial so I wrote a small entry on it.

    And if you don’t give a shit then why bother responding in the first place? Elevator doesn’t quite make it all the way to the top there, eh Bob?

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