Insight into life with ADHD.

I’ve mentioned here before that I’m an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and I’ve since received a couple of emails from folks on the topic. Anne managed to dig up an online version of an article I got originally from my counselor written by a woman named Stephanie Brush about what life is like as an adult with ADHD.

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  1. Hang it there, Les.  The people I know with ADD are all remarkably interesting, productive people: creative, thoughtful, energetic – as you appear to be. Just being able to read your insightful blogs about the disorder – how you feel, cope, carry on – probably helps them more than you know. I’m sure you must be an important resource of support and understanding. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever known has something similar to ADD. Not sure what it is. She seems to have a caffeine jones, too, and like you and me, she is an atheist! Go figure. She is a high achiever, in spite of unremitting distractions. I sent her your URL, hoping she might be buoyed by your insights. Love your site. Thanks for all you do.  –  Jerry

  2. I’m definitely hanging in there and I think I’ve learned to live with my ADD pretty well. In fact I think in some ways it provides me with more than a few advantages and I can’t imagine living life any other way now even if I had the choice. Half the battle is just accepting yourself for who you are.

    Just so you know, caffeine is a common form of self-medication for people who have ADD. Even on my medication I still tend to drink coffee and pop on a regular basis, though it has lessened somewhat. Glad you enjoy the site and I hope your significant other finds something useful here.

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  4. Just updating my link and hope all is going well 4 u. I am still on adderall and ramble on endlessly…. let me know what u think about my site if you get a chance to drop by the new one.
    have a question: does anyone else with ADHD seem to have bad nightmares all of the time. I have more of them than nights that I dont if you do please email me at the link or at because i this is something i have been battling forever…
    love ya,
    Dana the Chaotic Goddess

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