I have an idea…

…for another useless government sanctioned “day”. You know how our elected officials are always making some random day in any random month the official “National Pick Your Friend’s Nose Day” or some other equally idiotic idea like that? Well I’ve got another one I thought up a couple of days ago, but managed to forget about until now. I say we all write our congressmen and urge them to pass a resolution declaring some random day in the near future to be:


On that day everyone pulls out their favorite T-shirt that is decorated with either a slogan or an image that’s as close as they can come to being offensive to the public at large without actually stepping too far over the line and they wear it all day long regardless of how high-level their business meetings happen to be that day. Some folks are conservative enough that this will be a real challenge whereas others, such as myself, will have trouble trying to decide which potentially offensive T-shirt they should use this year. For example, one of my favorite such shirts is one I got from my favorite online web comic called PVP, which I have mentioned here before. It has this wonderful picture of a dwarf, such as you’d find in Dungeons and Dragons, holding up two beer steins and the following pronouncement written in large block letters across the top: I SPENT MY REWARD ON ALE AND WHORES!

Is that great or what? You should see the looks I get when I forget I have it on and walk into, say, the local Meijers during prime shopping hours. The other T-shirt I have that pulls almost as many angry glares is also from the fine folks at PVP and it reads: MEN MAY CONTROL THE FREE WORLD, BUT WOMEN CONTROL THE BOOBS! Sadly, that shirt is no longer available.

Now that I think about the whole “Ale and Whores” slogan, I’d wager that’s pretty much what a lot of the folks in Washington are doing with our tax dollars. Probably explains why we’re encouraged to celebrate “National Nothing Day”. So what do you think? Is this yet another great idea for a new national “day” day or what?

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