I don’t normally like jelly beans.

But I must confess that the folks at Jolly Rancher are the only ones making them that I not only like, but crave. Damn it’s hard being diabetic around major candy related holidays. Wish they’d had these things back when I was a kid, but nooooooo. I had to have the boring kind of jelly beans where the black licorice was probably the most flavorful bean, and I hate licorice.

6 thoughts on “I don’t normally like jelly beans.

  1. If sugar is not your problem may suggest Starburst jelly beans.. the black looking one are black cherry and for their small size they have a giant fruit flavor.  Very difficult to pass the amber candy bowl without the old left hand sneaking out to retrieve some.

  2. jelly beans piss me off….youll be sitting there minding your own business and then they’ll come in and act all “hey im jelly, in bean form” like they’re better than me

  3. Yeah, I’m reading the archives.  So sue me. 

    I had to comment on the jelly bean bit.  I’m in agreement with the anonymous poster who pointed you in the direction of Starburst Jelly Beans.  If I were to have an addiction (beyond video gaming, that is-Heh!), it would be either the Starburst beans OR peanut M&M’s.

    They both rock—hard.

  4. Please do read the archives. Some of the more interesting conversations have started on threads that were long thought to have died out.

    I’ll have to make a point of trying the Starburst jellybeans at some point.

  5. i believe that the best bean eer is my son seb. i care for the bean everyday of his sad and lonely life. he even has a little brother benji he is also a bean. seb and benji have been getting bullied at school because of their disabillity. seb still has not progressed to pubaty and he is 16. neither has benji. although he is in his last year at school and doing very well he is still getting bullied by the year 7s. he has been bogwashed 5 times alredy this year. he sometimes comes home with poo in his ears and on his clothes.

  6. That’s a really sad story. You might try selling it to the folks at Reader’s Digest. I’m sure they’d love to hear it.

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