Fundy or parody?

There seems to be some debate about whether or not the rant from a member of OBJECTIVE: Christian Ministries that I posted the other day is a real website or a parody site. It certainly wouldn’t be the first parody website that had folks thinking it was real and some would argue that’s the sign of a truly great parody. One of the best examples of such, it had me fooled for awhile, was where they claimed to make choice cuts of human flesh available to the average joe cannibal. Sadly that website appears to be down, but another excellent example is the Bonzai Kitten webpage that still has the American Humane Society pretty pissed off.

Nor would this be the first parody of a religious website. The folks over at Landover Baptist Church have been skewering that particular sect of Christianity for awhile now. It’s a very entertaining read especially if, like myself, you’re a former Baptist. Exploring the OBJECTIVE website a little more reveals that if it is a hoax then it’s a damned good one as several of the links appear to lead to other legitimate websites. They’ve also launched a campaign to have the “blasphemous atrocity” parody website mentioned above removed from the internet! It would be a very clever turn to have one parody website attack another.

So far popular opinion seems to be that it is, in fact, a hoax. There does seem to be enough compelling evidence to assume that is the case. Not that it matters, it’s not that far off the mark from what real Christian Fundy websites are like to do much damage to them.

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