Foul language on the airwaves.

The folks at the Washington Post have a really good article up on the increasing use of stronger profanity on network and basic cable television. A trend I’ve noticed recently as well. What I found most interesting is that it appears the public in general isn’t all up in arms about this trend as you might expect them to be. Considering my own regular use of salty language I can’t say that I’m all that surprised by the article myself, but it does confirm a few sneaking suspicions I had held.

3 thoughts on “Foul language on the airwaves.

  1. I remember an interview with South Park Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone following last year’s “shit”-laden episode. The episode featured the word “shit” over 100 times. They didn’t hear any uproar at all when it aired. The complaints came later (most likely from your Christian Fundies) after the reports of the episode had filtered through major media. The people who complained did so months later and had never seen the episode (because Comedy Central hadn’t aired it since its premeire). I never understood the ban on certain words on television anyway. It seems absurd to me. Though when I say that to some of my friends, their response is, “You don’t have children. They’re very influenced by tv.”

    These are the same people who, an instance later, will turn to a kid and say, “And now go pick up that shit in your room.”

  2. Why is it that America is so preoccupied with swearing on TV? In the UK or Australia I really don’t think these complaints would cut any mustard, especially since the creators of South Park make it so clearly understood that their show is not aimed at kids.

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