Daylight savings sucks.

I’m not much of a morning person in the first place, but the first week after the start of daylight savings time always seems to be the toughest on me. No matter how early I make it to bed I still wake up feeling like I’ve gotten two hours worth of sleep. Almost tempts me into moving to the part of Indiana or Illinois or wherever it is that they don’t bother with DST. Almost.

6 thoughts on “Daylight savings sucks.

  1. I agree completely. The often quoted Benjamin Franklin article was written as a joke. The intention was to encourage Frenchmen, who regularly slept till noon, to get up at an earlier hour. Only a silly Englishman could take the suggestion seriously. The Brits laughed—only the silly American Congress would adopt the stupid idea and force it on the entire country. It has been well documented that traffic accidents increase significantly during the period of daylight “savings” time. The so-called documented energy savings is negligible, less than 1%. The jackasses who advocate daylight savings time should just get up earlier by themselves and leave the rest of us to get some sleep.

  2. My whole life I’ve lived in Indiana, Arizona, and back to Indiana again.  Indiana and Arizona are the only two states in the nation that don’t observe daylight savings time…  Until now.  I’ve never had to deal with that crap.  I’ve never EVER had to set my clocks back in my 22 years of life.  And now the Indiana legislature decided that for some reason that will be forever behind my understanding, they’ve decided to change it.  They tried to impliment it before and it didn’t work.  Now, they have no idea what time zone we’re going to be in, and they’ve given each county (to the best of my knowledge) the right to decide whether they participate.  This makes NOOOOOO sense.  The area around chicago (gary and lake county) are with chicago (most of them work in IL) and the areas close to st. louis and louisville are always on time with them.  That’s it.  Everyone else has done just fine.  The only people I’ve heard bitch about the fact that Indiana doesn’t change time are people who do international business.  That’s it.  Not your normal everyday joe.  In fact, most people I’ve talked to about it locally think the fact that we’re kind of observing daylight savings sucks.  Ugh.

    There’s my rant.  smile
    Lady Phoenix

  3. Indiana?  Sounds familiar…

    Although the attempt to legislate pi was ultimately unsuccessful, it did come pretty close. In 1897 Representative T.I. Record of Posen county introduced House Bill #246 in the Indiana House of Representatives. The bill, based on the work of a physician and amateur mathematician named Edward J. Goodwin (Edwin in some accounts), suggests not one but three numbers for pi, among them 3.2, as we shall see. The punishment for unbelievers I have not been able to learn, but I place no credence in the rumor that you had to spend the rest of your natural life in Indiana.

    Good luck LOL !

  4. excaim I thought I was the only person absolutely PISSED off about this daylight savings bull! I am 27, and I have always been FORCED to observe this stupid idea.

    I thought (well i was told) it was implemented by farmers way back in the day. Who cares… It’s
    nothing but a nuisance now. Who wants it to be light at 5:00 am, and dark by 4:30 pm???? I want it to be light at least on my ride home from work!

    Can I get a little bit of sun besides at 6:00 am when i get up and want to avoid it??

    It shouldn’t be called “daylight savings time” it should be called “be extra tired all the time”. Tell me, where is the savings of the daylight? There is nothing worse than leaving work and having it be as dark as it is at 10:00 at night.

    Heres a question that puzzles me… who is the one who actually “decides” when daylight savings time should be? They just changed it last year, so who made that decision to up it 1 week? I wanna write to this person. Not like it’s gonna do anything, but it just might make me feel a little better! excaim

    .:: sigh ::.  I guess I feel a little better??

    Thanks for listening! blank stare

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