Counter-Strike 1.4 now out.

For those of you who are into first person shooter games you may be happy to know that Counter-Strike version 1.4 is now available. This is a mod (modifcation) for the Half-Life game that was so successful it was purchased by the folks at Valve and released as a commercial product while still being available as a free download to anyone who had purchased Half-Life. I used to love playing CS and I was awfully good at it. I’d started playing the mod back when Beta 3 was released all the way up to 1.3 and it still ranks as some of the best time spent gaming I’ve had. For a long time I was an administrator on a locally run server called Detroit Counter-Strike run by a fellow who went by the name of Inferno. I quit playing CS when Detroit CS went off-line as the game had a real problem with all sorts of cheat programs being available for it that made it unenjoyable to play. I don’t mind being owned by someone who has genuinely better skills than I do, but being owned by cheaters is just too aggravating.

Supposedly, version 1.4 has some new anti-cheating software mixed into it as well as some changes that are supposed to solve some of the more annoying exploits the game had. There’s also rumors that DCS may be coming back online. It’s been awhile since Half-Life and CS were installed on my harddrive and I’m probably a bit rusty, but maybe this will be worth checking out once again. It’s the first multiplayer game with real-time voice technology I’ve ever played that did a good job of making you feel like you were talking over a radio to your fellow players. Very effective at immersing you in the action, at least until the 13 year old kid who’s voice is in the process of trying to decide which octave range to be in every .2 seconds gets on and announces he’s going to “KiCk soME SERIous ASs.” Then you’d die repeatedly from laughing so hard you couldn’t control your player. Anyhow, if you’re into FPS games and want to try something different and haven’t already played CS, check it out.

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