All the thrills of WWII without actually getting shot.

I finished Electronic Art’s newest first person shooter Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for the PC today. World War II has always held a bit of a fascination for me so I looked forward to the release of this game with high anticipation. Some folks might think it somewhat tacky to make a videogame based on WWII, but the game handled its subject matter surprisingly well. The landing on Omaha Beach sequence, in particular, will make anyone who plays it glad that they didn’t have to do it for real. The action is furious and all the little details that help add to the immersion factor were well done. Being a fist person shooter it has the standard free-for-all multiplayer mode you’d expect to find, but also includes team based combat and objective based as well. All in all a very worthwhile game I’d recommend to any fan of first person shooters with a PC.

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