A law to protect spyware.

Looks like good old Senator Hollings is at it again! Now he’s going to protect your privacy online by throwing you to the wolves. According to this article over at Salon, the good Senator has introduced a bill called the Online Personal Privacy Act (S. 2201) which purports to protect your “sensitive” personal data. In actuallity it ends up legitimizing the practices already used by the various Spyware techniques many companies already use on the Internet. This probably shouldn’t be any surprise as this is the same Senator who introduced the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act, which would require all new electronic devices capable of copying/storing digital media to have built in anti-piracy measures. So, once again, the powers that be are claiming to have our best interests at heart while preparing to stab us in the back. With friends like these…

2 thoughts on “A law to protect spyware.

  1. I hate stupid fucking spyware and i hate that stupid evil bastard hollings.  why in the hell would you make a law allowing spyware to be legalized on the internet.  this is bullshit, since my computer is already running as slow as it is from this stupid stuff being installed on my computer without me knowing about it.

  2. Godamn pimply assed geeks writing spyware and pinging yer IP,  the only hold on anything in life is on their little over stroked clam of a prick,the little greasy fuckers, never had any power or influence in life, so they try to be big men by writing malicious code, getting a tingle in their balls and loose crinkled dirty asshole from making someones online experience a little worse, the only contribution they make to society is to keep kleenex stocks up due to their overuse of cum rags and cleaning jiz spattered keyboards………..since these little fuckers end up getting government jobs because they’re to impotent to work in a real world job, they pass laws allowing them and all their clench fisted creeps to keep spawning this spyware…….put some polysporin on that cock you’ve beaten raw you little perverts, cause I want you to be alive when I get to you.

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