So, I guess I do have some brains afterall…

I’ve never taken an IQ test before. Not that I can remember anyway. I don’t recall if they were still giving them in elementary school back in the 70’s when I was attending or not, but if I ever did take one I was never personally made aware of the results. My parents and I have been told by various teachers and counselors over the years that I was “above average” in intelligence and that the only reason my grades were so poor was because I was lazy and unmotivated and unwilling to apply myself. A lot of the people I have interacted with over the years have occasionally mentioned that I seemd to be very intelligent. Again, recently, when I was formerly diagnosed as having ADHD it was explained that people who have that condition are usually above average in intelligence.

So, for most of my life, I’ve had a lot of people insisting that I was this highly intelligent guy, but I’ve never really put much stock into it. Every now and then I’d think about getting an IQ test done just for the fun of it. I know that IQ tests really don’t say much about how smart someone is beyond his knowledge of the topics the test itself is covering and that it can be influenced by cultural differences and so on and so forth, yet the idea of the IQ test still holds a certain fascination with the public at large and myself in particular. Much the same way that I put absolutely no stock in what my daily horoscope has to say about my life and yet I still read it daily on my pager for the amusement factor or use as a possible excuse if I get into a bit of trouble. “I’m sorry I accidently erased your hard drive and three years worth of work Mr. Biggles, but my horoscope said today would be filled with small tragedies so it’s not really my fault as much as it is that damned Jupiter rising in the house of Leo.”

So I finally came across an IQ test on the web on a site out of the United Kingdom called iVillage and I decided to finally take it to see what the result would be. As it turns out my “general” IQ score is 135. According to the website IQs in the range of 129-143 are considered highly intelligent. Then they offer a link where you can buy a more detailed analysis that breaks the test down into it’s component parts. As an example they state that my pattern recognition score is 100. I imagine my math score was probably 12.

Oddly enough, I still don’t feel all that brainy. Or at least, not any smarter than I usually feel. I already believed I was smarter than the average person, but I chalked that up to simply having more of a knack at applying common sense than most people. I don’t plan on becoming any more arrogant than I’m already considered to be by most folks as a result of this test, but it was interesting to see what an “official” test thought my IQ was. I guess I’ll have to stop using my fall back excuse of “I don’t know, don’t ask me, I’m stupid.” Damn, and it worked pretty well on upper management.

Oh, I found the link to the IQ test over on Scott’s page, who scored a 150.

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