Scientologists censor Google.

This has been posted on a number of other weblogs recently, but I saw it first over at lovebri. Seems the Church of Scientology has pressured Google into yanking listings for webpages that are critical of Scientology. The Scientologists have been engaging in forced censorship of any critics using any means they can for years now mainly by filing tons of lawsuits against critics. Now they appear to be making use of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to shut down sites that they don’t like. Personally, and I know I’ll offend someone with this statement but what the hell, I think anyone who buys into Scientology needs to have their head examined. As a group they’ve done a lot of things that people have good reason to be critical of and their ongoing efforts to censor any criticisms of their organization in any way that they can is something all people who believe in freedom of speech should be appalled at.

While you’re reading DaveNet’s article on the Google cenorship, be sure to read the bit about Senator Ernest Hollings’ new proposed law that would put anti-copy technology into any device capable of copying anything electronically. More wonderfully idiotic legislation from our friends in the government.

2 thoughts on “Scientologists censor Google.

  1. Can somebody out there in “internet land” tell me why we exist, please. There must be something wrong with the way I perceive things.

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