More work for the Tooth Fairy.

Anne’s doing the chipmunk cheek thing today. She had the last three of her wisdom teeth removed earlier this morning and I got to stay home so I could drive her to and from the appointment. So far she’s not in any major pain and she should be able to stop putting gauze in her mouth within the hour, but the Doc loaded us up with perscriptions just in-case things go badly once the numbing agents wore off. They said to expect some bruising and swelling, but so far nothing other than the added puffiness of having cotton lining her gums has happened.

Of course, this is a proceedure I’ll have to undergo myself in the not too distant future. I still have two of my wisdom teeth in and they’re slowly going to hell in a handbasket. Mine came in straight and there was enough room in my jaw for them, but the space is too cramped for my toothbrush so keeping them clean is a near impossibility. I’ve been meaning to have them yanked for awhile now, but held off to do Anne’s first because her’s were actually causing her pain and headaches whereas mine aren’t bothering me much as of yet. Still, the day looms near on the horizon and my little molars are trembling in their sockets.

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  1. Ok here is my version of the tooth fairy.(i prieviously watched darkness falls)There once was a lady by the name of matilda who was adored by everyone in the town of darkness falls. When children would bring her teeth that they lost she would give the a gold coin earning her the nickname tooth fairy. years later a fire swept through her home and left her with burns that scared her so bad that her skin was so sensitive she couldnt go into the light. In return she would wait out in the dark . One night when two kids had gone missing the town blamed her. The towns ppl took her out to a clearing and hung her,right before she died it is legend that she put a curse upon darkness falls that she would come back in the darkness to haunt them for therir evils. She would give the child their tooth but if the child peeked she would murder them and their parents would simply find a trooth and a dead body the next morning.i heed you all stay alive in the light or become part of the darkness.





    just kidding but you should see the Movie itz really good!!!!!*sierra*

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