Look Ma! No hands!

What is it that makes some men feel the need to stand at the urinal in a public restroom with both of their hands in their back pockets? Is it an attempt to impress others with their ability to piss accurately without the need for guidance from either hand? Is it a pathological fear of touching their own “one-eyed jack”? Is it to guard their backsides from possible molestation by any homosexuals that might be present in the restroom at the same time? Perhaps their hands were cold and it was the only way they could think to heat them up. Or maybe they’re trying to pretend that they’re not really relieving themselves at the moment, but rather just standing around casually as if on a street corner waiting for a bus. Perhaps they have alzheimers and forgot what they were doing and really do think they’re just waiting for a bus. I don’t know why some guys feel the need to take a hands-off approach to urination, but I always make sure to stand down a couple of stalls from them when they do it.

3 thoughts on “Look Ma! No hands!

  1. Thanks Andrew, I’m new to this whole blogging thing and I’m finding it very enjoyable. Now I just need to get off of my lazy butt and get a custom design together so I can start adding in links to other weblogs and such. grin


  2. I have it figured out!  He doesn’t have to wash his hands! But to take it one step further let’s stretch this puppy out just a bit longer…I know of a woman who would stand on the seat of a public commode, leaving her footprints behind and her co-workers wondering where the hell THOSE had come from…Her reasoning? “I’m not going to put my ass on THAT thing!”

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