Hello from frustration city.

I’m annoyed. I’ve been meaning to make several entries into the weblog over the last several days, but I’ve wanted to update the layout beyond the defaults that came with MoveableType before doing so. Alas, I’m having a rough time getting my head around using Cascading Style Sheets for layout. Add to that my apparrent inability to make even an old table-based layout work properly and suddenly days are passing and I’m still sitting here becoming more and more disgruntled.

One of the odd, and aggravating, paradoxes of being an adult with ADHD is the fact that by necessity we tend to be very creative thinkers and yet we tend to have trouble expressing that creativity at times. I could easily mimic the layout of someone else’s site as the HTML and such would be easy to figure out, but coming up with something that is both original and pleasing to myself is close to impossible. Even if I do manage to get a layout for the main index that makes me happy I still have to revise the comments and archives and such and it’s all a bit overwhelming. So bear with me as I stuggle with my desire to express myself. Eventually I’ll nail something down that will work and be more or less original. Until then, it’s back to staring at my screen and trying to be creative.

3 thoughts on “Hello from frustration city.

  1. Sydney, thanks much for the suggestion! I can use all the help I can get. Sat and studied CSS for so long the other night I gave myself a headache!

  2. I dunno Les. I tend to think ADD/AHDD are inventions of 20th century America.

    I could not even get MT to work at all. I think I had the version of Perl MT doesn’t like.

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