Blade II rocks.

Been so busy having fun over this four-day weekend that I’ve not managed to put any new entries into the blog before now. Thursday night Courtney left to spend a day or so with Anne’s parents leaving Anne and I free for the evening to catch up on movies we wouldn’t normally go see with Court. So we headed out to catch Blade II. I thought the first Blade movie was OK, but nothing fantastic, so I didn’t have overly high expectations for the sequel. I ended up being pleasantly surprised as the sequel is one of those rare occasions where it’s better than the original movie. I’ve never read the original comic book it is based on so I can’t say how faithful it is to the source material, but the first movie made for a decent excursion out or at least a good rental if you weren’t inclined to drop movie tickets on it. The sequel is full of twists and turns and lots more action and the efects are less cheesy than the original movie and that all adds up to something worth seeing in the theater if you enjoyed the first one at all.

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