Billy Graham gives a lesson in hypocrisy.

Back in 1994 H. R. Haldeman published his White House diaries in which he revealed a conversation between the Rev. Billy Graham and President Nixon that took place in 1972 about how to deal with the problem of the “satanic Jews” whom Graham felt maintained a “total Jewish domination of the media.” This allegation was completely at odds with the public image America had of Billy Graham and, as would be expected, Graham quickly denounced and denied the statements as outright lies saying, “Those are not my words. I have never talked publicly or privately about the Jewish people, including conversations with President Nixon, except in the most positive terms.”

Flash forward to March 1st of this year and the most recently released Nixon tapes which covered the first six months of 1972.  Who’s voice can be heard ranting about the Jewish control of the media? Why, the Rev. Billy Graham’s! Now 83 years old and in failing health, Graham probably didn’t expect to live long enough to have to face up to his previous antisemitic comments. Naturally this man of God, who has come as close as any to being the spiritual leader of America, immediately admitted his failings and his narrow-mindedness and asked for forgiveness for the trust he violated both in the Jewish community and the public at large, right? Right?!?

Don’t be stupid. Of course he didn’t. What he did instead was release a 4 sentence non-apology that neither acknowledged his making the statements at all as well as claiming he had no memory of such a conversation ever happening in the first place. Needless to say, the various Jewish organizations that once counted him as an ally are pissed. And who can blame them in light of statements like:

“I go and I keep friends with Mr. Rosenthal at The New York Times and people of that sort, you know. And all I mean, not all the Jews, but a lot of the Jews are great friends of mine, they swarm around me and are friendly to me because they know that I’m friendly with Israel. But they don’t know how I really feel about what they are doing to this country. And I have no power, no way to handle them, but I would stand up if under proper circumstances.”

Which brings us to yesterday and one more attempt by Graham to issue a slightly more substantial apology to head off the brewing firestorm. “I don’t ever recall having those feelings about any group, especially the Jews, and I certainly do not have them now. My remarks did not reflect my love for the Jewish people. I humbly ask the Jewish community to reflect on my actions on behalf of Jews over the years that contradict my words in the Oval Office that day.” Not exactly a ringing admission of guilt or repentance.

So, what lessons can we take away from all of this? From where I’m standing either Billy Graham was lying on that day back in 1972 and was merely spouting off what he thought the President wanted to hear in order to curry his favor or he’s lying now to try and save his reputation. You might claim he really did feel that way back in 1972, but had a change of heart. If that’s true then why not admit that as being the case instead of lying that he can’t recall the conversation or ever feeling that way about anyone? With the way he’s handling it now he ends up looking like a major hypocrite. His supporters have come out of the woodwork to offer all manner of flimsy rationalizations about the comments he made back in 1972. Stupid stuff like the idea that Mr. Graham was referring throughout his conversation only to those few Jews he considered unethical for distributing pornography. These excuses are piss-poor justifications for the comments Mr. Graham made in 1972 and do little to give the public any good reason to trust anything Graham has ever said. Instead of using the opportunity to admit to his past sins and try to make amends for them, he did what a lot of Christian fundamentalists do when caught with their pants down and try to claim the events never happened even in the face of undeniable proof.

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  1. The fact that Bill Graham and others must appologize and make restitutions for how they feel about jews in this free country of ours, is just enough proof for me as how powerfulll and arrogant jews have become.Just leave us poor bastard christians alone,one day we may just not turn the other cheek.

  2. You make it sound like Christian’s are turning the other cheek now, last I checked that ain’t the case. Billy Graham can dislike the Jews all he wants to as this is, as you pointed out, a free country. He should at least have the balls to say so openly, however, instead of painting himself as a friend to the Jews publicly and then stand around back biting them in private. That’s called hypocrisy. Much the same way that you didn’t have the balls to use your real email address in your response to this message.

    And the reason you didn’t have the balls is because you know that your anti-Semitic views would bring down a torrent of criticism and flame mail. Because in this free country you certainly have the right to hate a group for whatever stupid reasons you might have, but others have every right to criticize you for being the narrow-minded bigot you are and you just don’t want to deal with the truth.

    Graham didn’t apologize because of the power of the Jews. He apologized so he could minimize the damage to his own standing as a religious leader in the eyes of the people who followed him. It was entirely self-serving and was hardly an apology at all.

  3. The whole sham of the religious right was apparent to me even as a child.  My mother was taken in by The Billy Graham Crusade in the early 1960s and Graham’s charisma.

    I don’t know if he just didn’t come across as sincere or if it was the idea that I had to be saved from evil that put me off strongly right from the beginning.  I felt bad that my mother had fallen hook line and sinker for (as I called him) “Billy Graham Cracker”.  He just rubbed me the wrong way from the get go and never convinced me that he was true.

    One good thing happened from the deceit, I vowed to find out the truth, the complete naked truth about christianity and the clergy.  What I found out made me completely disavow myself from it.  I still shudder to think of how much of my life was thrown away on superstition.


  4. Catholic Priest Arrested For Stealing

    CLAY COUNTY, FL – Investigators arrested Catholic Priest Moises Palaroan on Monday for allegedly stealing more than $400,000 dollars from his church and friends reported the Associated Press!

    Palaroan has been the head of the St. Williams church since 1996. Parishioners say over seven years he has helped build the congregation and the youth group. They say they were shocked when they learned that he was arrested and accused of taking money from the church.

    However, the catholic Diocese did an annual audit while Palaroan was on sabbatical. The audit revealed thousands of dollars missing from the church and checks that Palaroan had written to himself.

    The State Attorney’s Office says Palaroan wrote checks to himself. Investigators say he also misrepresented himself to get loads from friends.

    Parishioners say they will continue to stand behind their priest no matter what, even though the money they gave to the church may have been misspent.

    Representatives from the Catholic Diocese say that Father Palaroan will not be able to function as a priest in their diocese until the criminal investigation is complete.

    The 52-year-old priest is now charged with grand theft. He remains in custody in Clay County on $100,000 bond.



    Last week Charisma News Services reported that During a symposium in January 2004 in Orlando, Fla., 50 prominent Charismatic Leaders called on Christian leaders to deem those who demonstrate persistent ungodly behavior as unrepresentative of true Christianity.  The invitation-only meeting was hosted by “Ministries Today” magazine,  and was moderated by Foursquare leader Jack Hayford, pastor of Church on the Way in Van Nuys, Calif.
    The group acknowledged an ethical crisis in the church that is marked by a greater tolerance for sexual infidelity, an increase in divorce “under the guise of commitment to ministry callings,” an “indulgent understanding” of the concept of restoration, and a lack of self-moderation in areas of financial responsibility and extravagance.  They attributed the moral breakdown to an increased prevalence in ministry being seen as a profession “in which the importance of success and power outweigh the demands of servanthood and integrity.”
    At 84 years of age Billy is still receiving a hundred percent salary of $423,364 and is working less than ten percent of the time! How come?

  6. Is Paul Crouch of TBN Bisexual like Jim Bakker?

    The L.A. Times reported tht Paul and Jan Crouch project the image of a happily married couple but lead separate lives and rarely stay under the same roof. Is it possible that Paul Crouch is gay and is going the way of Jim Bakker who was bi-sexual? (see Paul Crouch has emphatically denied the accusations leveled at him by former disgruntled TBN employee, Enoch Lonnie Ford that he and Crouch had a sexual encounter eight years ago.

    Paul, 70, collects a $403,700 salary as TBN’s chairman and president. Jan, 67, is paid $361,000 as vice president and director of programming. Those are the highest salaries paid by any of the 12 major religious nonprofits whose finances are tracked by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

    The Crouches travel the world in a $7.2-million, 19-seat Canadair Turbojet owned by TBN. They drive luxury cars. They have charged expensive dinners and furniture to TBN credit cards.
    Thirty ministry-owned homes are at their disposal — including a pair of Newport Beach mansions, a mountain retreat near Lake Arrowhead and a ranch in Texas.

    While other religious broadcasters have struggled, TBN has posted surpluses averaging nearly $60 million a year since 1997. Its balance sheet for 2002, the most recent available, lists net assets of $583 million, including $238 million in Treasury bonds and other government securities and $31 million in cash. It has 400 employees across the country

    She and Paul project the image of a happily married couple. But off the air, they lead separate lives and rarely stay under the same roof, according to former TBN employees and others who have spent time with the couple.

    Whether in Southern California or on the road, they live in a variety of other TBN-owned homes. In all, the network owns 30 residences in California, Texas, Tennessee and Ohio — all paid for in cash, property records show.Kelly Whitmore, a former personal assistant to Jan Crouch, said in interviews with The Times that she used a TBN American Express card to make numerous personal purchases for Jan and Paul, including groceries, clothes, cosmetics, alcohol and a tanning bed.Whitmore said she regularly used ministry money and a network-owned van to stock the bars in Paul’s and Jan’s separate condominiums at Trinity Music City.
    Rick Meyers
    Orlando Florida

  7. Born Again Baptist Minister charged as abuser
    « Thread started on: Today at 11:47am »
    Police say there may be at least five other victims, all boys
    By David Eck, Enquirer contributor
    and Jennifer Edwards, Enquirer staff writer
    (reproduced under fair copy right provision of law)

    MAINEVILLE – The longtime minister of a Baptist church and former council member in this Warren County village is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old church member – and police say there could be more victims.

    C. Stephen Harmon, 47, was held Friday night on no bond at the Warren County Jail. He was charged with one count of gross sexual imposition.

    Harmon has been minister at Maineville Baptist Church for 15 years. He stopped working for the church this week after the allegation arose, said church secretary Myra Wiseman.

    “It’s just a horrible time,” a tearful Wiseman said Friday. “It’s just awful.”

    Hamilton Township Police Chief Eugene Duvelius said Friday that Harmon gave authorities a statement admitting molesting the 12-year-old and indicating possible other molestations over a 12-year period. He could face more charges, the chief said.

    The case unfolded late Wednesday when the boy’s parents reported the alleged abuse to police, Duvelius said. Harmon was interviewed, and the investigation shows there could be at least five additional victims, authorities said.

    “We’re in the process of trying to locate all of the children involved,” Duvelius said. “We just want to make sure those children are OK.”

    Hamilton Township police are urging anyone whose children may have been victimized to contact them.

    The purported victims are all males between 12 and 15 years old, who were inappropriately touched while at church or church-related events, Duvelius said.

    “(Harmon) did indicate some (activity) took place in the Columbus area,” Duvelius said. “From what he indicated, it was all just . . . touching.” Activity may also have occurred in Kentucky, Duvelius said.

    On Thursday, police said, they removed six computers, videotape, and several hundred compact and floppy discs. The computer equipment is being analyzed by the Miami Valley Crime Laboratory, while Hamilton Township investigators are viewing the videotapes for illegal material, Duvelius said.

    “The church has been very cooperative with us,” the chief said.

    On Friday, the church secretary released a statement from the congregation:

    “We are deeply saddened and greatly outraged at the events that have come to light regarding the former pastor, Steve Harmon. It is hard for anyone to understand how someone could do these things; especially someone supposed to lead us in our faith.

    “Our faith stands strong and we believe that God has a plan, even in these terrible times. We fully support and cooperate with the legal system and expect that justice will be done. Our prayers and support go out to the victims, as they struggle to overcome.”

    In an interview with the Enquirer Monday on an unrelated issue regarding the church, Harmon described himself as an “old-fashioned country preacher.”

    “We still preach abstinence. We still preach holy living. We still preach what was preached 180 years ago,” he said. “We are a church for anybody. But we are not a church that’s for everybody.”

    Harmon served at least two years on Maineville village council about six years ago, officials said.

    According to Harmon’s biography on the church’s Web site, he has written more than 30 Bible study books and the 380-page A Pictorial History of the Maineville Crossroads. He started a church in Northern Virginia before going to Maineville in August 1987, and became pastor in January 1990.

    Harmon’s wife, Landa Gale, teaches in a Christian school and is the church’s pianist, a Sunday school teacher, and fills in everywhere else she is needed, the biography states. The couple’s grown daughter also sings in the church.

    Calls to the Harmon home were not returned Friday night.

    Bill Schilling, the pastor of Maineville United Methodist Church across Foster-Maineville Road from Maineville Baptist, said he was reading books by Harmon on Thursday night.

    “I was crushed. It’s hard to take,” Schilling said. “The church is supposed to be the one sacred place in society and this world where people can come and be safe and allowed to be innocent from the darkness of the world.”

    “You just never would imagine that anybody you know would do something like that,” said Lisa Wilson, who has lived next door to the Harmons for at least 10 years

  8. So;;;as Billy Boy has embraced with LOVE the Clintons you must be both confused and joyfully surprised.

    Yes,,there is much more to Billy than most of us have known…..

    By the way,,,you are an UGLY mug.

  9. So;;;as Billy Boy has embraced with LOVE the Clintons you must be both confused and joyfully surprised.

    Not at all. It’s just another example of his hypocrisy.

    Yes,,there is much more to Billy than most of us have known…..

    I know too much about him already.

    By the way,,,you are an UGLY mug.

    Good. I wasn’t looking to get a date out of you anyway.

  10. While I agree that Billy Graham is a false teacher and a wolf in sheeps clothing I have found some of the reasons evangelical Christians dislike him to be quite interesting.  I have been reading all these websites today regarding Billy Graham-even Duncaster’s website, since my mom called me to alert me to Graham’s lovefest with the Clintons.

    First of all let me say that I have fuond evangelical Christians to be some of the most closed minded, arrogant, know it all people both spiritually and intellectually. They stubbornly refuse to see that perhaps they don’t hold all the answers that lead to the key that unlocks.  I was raised Baptist-I have seen them all. When I confronted my ex-pastor with my doubt in the trinity doctrine he told me I was off my rocker and asked me who was feeding my head with such nonsense. He actually hung the phone up on me because he could not give me a solid answer as to why evangelical Christians hold on to such a blatantly false and pagan doctrine-which did not even exist until the 3rd century-roughly 300 years after the death of the messiah.  He could only resort to the “mystery” explanation. I don’t buy it. Nothing about God’s love is a mystery to me. I won’t hold on to things that are mysterious and unexplainable. God have me reason and logic and I use it.

    On one of these websites I see evangelicals are attacking ole Billy because he doesn’t believe that belief in the virgin birth is necessary for salvation.  Again with the arrogance of evagelicals and their subsitution for what is necessary for salvation. The scriptures do not state that belief in (yet again a pagan based belief in virgin births and immaculate conceptions which make Mary the mother of God, thus making her the Queen of Heaven) is necessary for salvation.  Who are the evangelical Christians to think only they have all the right answers???? They who have loved a lie for nearly 2000 years? A lie perpetrated by the Roman Catholic church who succeeded in merging the true original faith with paganism and false doctrines ie the Nicene and Apostles Creed.

    I am not defending Billy Graham.  I think he is evil like many of the religious leaders on the scene today.  I just find it a bit irritating that so many of these so called evangelical Christians take great pleasure in pointing out the error of others while ignoring the speck in their own eye!

  11. Let me also add that I find it quite amusing and hypocritical that evangelical Christians are stunned and bothered by Graham’s apparent anti-semitism. In my experience, evangelical Christians are the most anti-semitic of them all!  They hate the Jewish heritage of the Messiah Yahshua and they hate the customs he participated in-refusing to acknowlege them in favor of their old hand me down pagan traditions and customs of old-Christmas on December 25th (the birthday of the Sun) Easter, the celebration of the goddess Istar, Sunday worship and stubborn refusal to accept the true Sabbath and refusal to honor it as well.  Talk to any evangelical and they will state that the Torah (which the messiah himself preached from as a RABBI) is “aging and past” and we are not “bound by the law”.  They refuse to consider the blatant anti-semitism of the church fathers like Martin Luther and Justin Martyr, who formed the basis for evangelical Christian beliefs as we know them today.  It’s outrageous to me to witness such blatant hypocrisy.  You want to see true anti-semitism? Go to your local protestant or Catholic church and suggest the members take part in some of the traditional feasts the messiah took part in: Feast of Trumpets, or Feast of First Fruits or observe the Sabbath on Saturday by abstaining from work and they will look at you in shock, horror and disgust at such a suggestion that they do anything JEWISH at all!

  12. I would think that everyone that talks out against Billy Ghram is jelous of him because he does make a lot of money.  You people sit and throw stones at him as if you are perfect. 

    Exam your own lives before you start judging others!

  13. I’m not jealous of Billy’s money, I’m just sick of his hypocrisy.

    And what makes you think I haven’t examined my own life? The fact that I’m not perfect in no way means that I don’t have a right to criticize Billy for his imperfections. Especially when their as grievous as his are.

  14. I’ve never understood the argument that when there’s legitimate criticism of celebrities, the one bringing forth the information is dismissed with cries of jealousy or simply trying to get attention.

    when people like Atlanta’s Charles F. Stanley and D. James Kennedy in Ft. Lauderdale call for liberating America from the grip of damnable liberals, mounting heavily funded campaigns against the ACLU, the whole Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Enemy seems strangely absent from their rhetoric.

    Dr. Stanley’s and Dr. Kennedy’s are clearly propaganda machines for a rainbow of extreme rightwing causes.  their sermons are full of vitriol toward anything anti-bush, pro-choice and the media. 

    so transparent and, apparently, very effective.

    also very sad and ominous.

  15. Les, I want to thank you for going to the trouble and expense to publish this website. The pleasure has been all mine. But having been at this game of politics and religion for forty odd years now, I can tell you that people do not want to know the truth.

    One has only to notice who these evangelists like Graham, Roberts and Schuller have put in charge of their operation to know who they’ve been serving all along. They pulled their sons out of divorce courts, bars and off of motorcycles to run the show, and I do mean, show. However, Les, theirs is a needed service and they earn every dime they milk-out of their followers. I mean how would you like to baby-sit these weak, whining, George Bush types of hypocrites 24/7 (I’m a registered Republican, by the way). It’s got to be worth fifty to seventy-five thousands a year to have put on that phony smile everyday of your life. Most of these so-called moral majority voters don’t even know that through the Bush family, Dr. Jerry Falwell was able to sign his name for over fifteen million of the savings and loans dollars. Money he used to spread his dogma, and the ones who do know it, don’t care. After reading an article of mine about this, a lady wrote to inform me that if it hadn’t been God’s will, Dr. Falwell wouldn’t have gotten the money.

  16. Honest, Les, unless you invite me to do so, I’ll not post again as I have no desire to misuse your site since I have my own. I just had to point out that things are going to get better in our country. As proof, I offer Senator Hagel’s recent remarks and published comments about them.

    FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. – August 22 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE)—Author and Gospel singer Bob Miller (, a registered Republican who has been attacked several times and even suffered a superficial knife wound after making an anti-Bush speech in 2004 that became widely known and published as “Democracy Took the Day Off” said today.

    “Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel had better exercise a little more caution about attacking the policies of the Bush administration. I’ve been there and done that. The good senator just about matched my theme word for word, and I don’t care if he is a U.S. Senator and future presidential candidate, he bleeds just like the rest of us.”

    Miller was referring to Senator Hagel’s comments about Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq. “We should start figuring out how we get out of there,” Hagel said on “This Week” on ABC (

    Miller went on to say, “These people play hardball, and you’re either for them or against them. You can get your throat cut at an ATM for a few bucks. In this case, we’re talking billions, maybe trillions. I came home from a business trip and found my wife in the bathtub dead from gunshot wounds. The killer had even placed our little poodle in her lap and shot him as well. My wife’s name could now be added to a very long list of people who have been murdered by a conspiracy so monstrous Americans cannot believe it exists. Had the masterminds of President Kennedy’s assassination been brought to justice, the World Trade Center would still be standing.”

    “Be very careful Senator Hagel; the last thing you need is to have this group of people you’ve been supporting turn on you. I would suggest that you talk with either Karyn Kupcinet, Grant Stockdale, Charlene Fitsimmons, Gary Underhill, Bill Hunter, Jim Koethe, Tom Howard, Dr. Mary Sherman, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Lisa Howard, Suzy Miller, Dorothy Kilgallen, Margaret Smith, Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Roger D. Craig, William Sullivan, William Pawley, David Morales, Thomas Karamessines or John Paisley, but they’re no longer available. You could talk to former (R) govenor of Nebraska, Norbert Tiemann, if he’s still alive. It is for certain he knows more about this than I do since, for whatever reason, he along with the late James Rhodes former (R) governor of Ohio and Ronald Reagan former (R) governor of California was opposed to the extraditions of Gordon Novel, Edgar Eugene Bradley, and Sandra Moffett McMaines.”

    “I personally think that William Jefferson Clinton just might be one of the luckiest men ‘alive,” concludes Miller. “What do you think, Senator Hagel?”


    Les, I welcome you to comment on my site if you so desire. Respectfully, Bob Miller

  17. Please respect the man of God .He preaches good news.
    I profesy that today you will meet the sender of Billy Graham.

  18. I profesy that today you will meet the sender of Billy Graham.

    Billy’s parents are coming?  Here?  Oh my, and me with my good suit out to the cleaners.  What to do?

  19. I was thinking the same thing, DOF. Looking forward to meeting Billy’s parents so I can ask them if they dropped him on his head as a child or something.

    “ngambela”, I’ll respect Billy Graham once he does something worthy of my respect.

  20. My Dear Jewish Brother,

      I have read some of the comments today. I must say that I am ashamed that christians are so ignorant. I happen to be one. The very word christain means Christ-like. Some of the meanest people I know sit on a church pew and sing Amazing Grace. Some christians are just carnal. They have no idea of the roots from which we all sprang. I am a child of Abraham. I hope that does not offend you. I love the jewish people and I pray for the peace of my precious kinsmen. All gentiles that believe in Jesus as the Christ are the wild olive branch graphed in. We are the seed of Abraham. Jacob is our brother. How can we not love one another? Though I do not know alot about politics, I do know my Bible. The Church has made a grave error by replacing Israel with the church. When God said Israel was His chosen people, He was not talking about the church. God is very passionate about the covenant He made with Abraham. I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you He declared.
    Talking about Billy Graham and others like him will not do any good. He will stand before God one day and give an account of every idle word. The scary thing is, so will we. Instead of wasting precious time ripping people to shreds, we should be praying that God’s will be done in Israel. Many enemies have arisen against them, I take it personally. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  21. So very sad that their are so many lying hypocrites that are headed for the lake of fire.

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