Bad television can be so much fun.

My latest guilty pleasure is a show called MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. Yet another in a long line of “reality TV” shows that feature video clips from both amature and professional sources showing various people doing incredibly dumb things. The difference between this and other shows of it’s type is that they tend to point out how dumb and stupid the people in the clips are via various snide and snarky comments by the announcer and playing the clip repeatedly at different speeds. It’s exactly the sort of show I would have made if I had to make a reality TV show. Each episode has a theme like “MEN ARE STUPID” or “THE MAX-X AWARDS” with this week’s episode called “TOO DRUNK FOR TV” that attempts to loosely tie all the video clips in the show together. Sometimes they all fit and sometimes they don’t, but it doesn’t matter cause it’s all still very, very funny to watch and very uplifting when you’ve just done something mildly stupid yourself like forgetting to put postage on the car payment you tried to mail. It’s trash TV at it’s worst, but I love it so. So if you’re feeling the need to watch other people do dumb things and be made fun of for doing it then I suggest you check your local listings for when the show is playing.

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