Advertising annoyances.

I don’t care what their taste tests claim, Diet Dr. Pepper tastes nothing like regular Dr. Pepper. I’d sue ‘em for false advertising if I didn’t find that Diet Dr. Pepper is still arguably the best tasting diet pop currently on the market. As I am now more or less relegated to drinking diet pop for the rest of my days due to my diabetes I suppose I should be nice about it. Still, I hate commercials like that.

While I’m ranting I’d just like to say that the recent Ameritech ads have done nothing to make me feel better about using their services. For the benefit of those of you not blessed with Ameritech telephone service I should explain that the ads basically say to me that they think most folks are too stupid to pick a competent alternative phone company so you’d be better off sticking with their crappy service because at least you already know it’s going to be crappy. They have one billboard ad in particular that really illustrates how stupid they think their customers are. It shows some kid outside in the winter with his tongue stuck to a metal fence post. The ad copy basically implies that if you’re thinking about switching your local phone service then you’re about as dumb as the idiot kid in the photo. There’s another that shows a hand holding a fork as it’s about to plung the fork into a toaster. Good to know they think highly of their customers.

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