Porky Pig recites the Pledge of Allegiance minus “under God.”

There’s something missing in this recital of the Pledge of Allegiance by Porky Pig:

Now that’s a pledge I can support and one I think we should go back to. Or, even better, I think we should use the version Francis Bellamy wanted which included the word Equality alongside Liberty and Justice.

As it stands now, I won’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance because it doesn’t include me.

Found over at Friendly Atheist who notes that yesterday was the 56th anniversary of the addition of the words “under God” to the Pledge.

11 thoughts on “Porky Pig recites the Pledge of Allegiance minus “under God.”

  1. “This house believes that the Pledge of Allegience is fundemental to the United States in its darkest hours. This house resolves that to honor those citizens of these United States who have given their lives for the Justice and Liberty for all, that upon the 70th anniversary of these United States darkest hour – December 7 2011, the pledge of allegence shall revert to the wording it was on the December 7 1941.”

    Send that up the Hill and see how many notice! (And I even managed to remembered to get the spelling wrong!)

  2. As it stands now, I won’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance because it doesn’t include me.

    Thats very selfish and unpatriotic. If you don’t like “under god”, then don’t say it!

  3. Thats very selfish and unpatriotic. If you don’t like “under god”, then don’t say it!

    Being patriotic doesn’t mean following the crowd and copy whatever it’s doing. Criticizing your country for the wrongful acts it commits does not make you unpatriotic. It’s actually the most patriotic thing you could possibly do, because it shows that you are concerned for the well-being of your country.

  4. I graduated from High School in 1957 and that’s the way I said the pledge in my entire school history. I still say it that way. Actually, when Bellamy first wrote it, it did not even include “of the United States of America.”


  5. Being patriotic doesn’t mean following the crowd and copy whatever it’s doing.

    It does mean showing your allegiance, however symbolic and artificial it may seem.

    Criticizing your country for the wrongful acts it commits does not make you unpatriotic.

    What does that have to do with refusing to show your allegiance? Is omitting two words that difficult?

  6. There’s more to patriotism than reciting a pledge. In fact I’d argue that of all the things you can do to be patriotic, reciting a pledge is probably the least important. Any moron can recite a pledge as the effort involved is minimal. It proves nothing beyond your ability to memorize and willingness to conform to knee-jerk displays that are meaningless in the greater picture.

    Next time you’re called up for Jury Duty go do it. That’s much more involved than regurgitating a bunch of words. That’s real patriotism.

  7. Re: the video- It’s a really cool find. Everybody knows that Porky is an honest, all-American pig! This simple cartoon could probably get more traction among the brain-dead right-wingers and flag-wavers than any stupid old “historical facts” or inconvenient constitutional amendments. I suppose it could rub some American Muslims the wrong way, but most mindless pledge enforcers and uber-patriots probably don’t think that Muslims can even be real Americans anyway.

    Re:bullshit comments-
    Oh, Moloch, beloved of ignorant dipshit trolls, go stuff your disgusting conformity and bigotry up your ass. If your comment truly reflects your opinion, then it is your moral imperative to find out which church in America has the highest levels of both popularity and expressions of patriotism (I would guess some flavor of Baptist, or maybe Catholic or Mormon, depending on location) and join immediately, no matter what church rules, prayers, or political positions you might not like. Otherwise, by your own logic you are being selfish and unpatriotic. Is praying a prayer that you don’t believe in really so difficult? It’s just a few words! Also, if social unity and national identity are really so important to you, you’d better be paying all your taxes AND putting a full 10% of your income into that collection plate WITHOUT COMPLAINT. Two little words are nice, but you should be honest enough to put your money where your mealy little mouth is.
    Surely your expression of uncritical unity and patriotism is more important than personal honesty and integrity, or your bank balance. If not, why do you delight in divisiveness and strife? Why do you hate America so?

    Back to the general topic, and my customary anti-authoritarian rant on the subject-skip it if you like, it’s gonna be a long one-

    Given that Flag Day was just a couple of days ago, it does seem an appropriate time to discuss issues like mandatory pledges and flag-waving, and patriotic displays in general. yes, I am bothered by the “under god” in the pledge, but I am also bothered quite a bit by the whole idea of having a mandatory pledge in the first place.
    I have to admit that pretty much all forms of public patriotism are at best nothing but meaningless rah-rah bullshit to me, no better or more important than cheering a football team. Yet such behavior is nowhere near as harmless. Mindless patriotism and nationalistic conformity often have a wide range of ugly political and social consequences that other mindless behaviors do not. Pledges of allegiance, loyalty oaths, calls for visible, vocal patriotism and flag-worship, and our disgusting continuous worship of our mercenary military are just excuses for brain-dead assholes with the values and philosophies of cavemen or wild animals to pretend that they are somehow special and superior to those who are not in their tribe. It is at best the domain of frightened, insecure people who crave meaning and fellowship yet are too stupid or cowardly to find or create their own even in a free society. At worst it is a collection of tools used by those who crave status, power, and control over the masses yet are too dishonest and greedy to subject their wishes and ideas to open, honest, critical thought and debate. Patriotic displays and requirements are just elements of a vague nationalist religion- just as dangerous and deceptive as any fringe cult, yet generally compatible with whatever the given dominant religious cult of the day may be.

    When people talk about the need for national unity and the importance of patriotism, they are never talking about the philosophies of the Enlightenment, or the ideals of the constitution or the democratic rules we share and live by. They are never talking about showing respect to the ideals of freedom and personal liberty or the value of self-determination. I find that they are almost always just looking for obedience to their own causes, and displays of respect to their tribe. Not only that, but these “causes” are almost always simply calls to war for the benefit of an elite few, or calls for political reform to make it easier for the already powerful to more profitably rape the powerless.

    As a rational adult who thinks for himself and does not put any stock into self-aggrandizing fantasies or mindless chants, I don’t like mixing real life with vague symbolism too much in the first place. I think that our primitive urges and simplistic thought patterns are encouraged by such things, and that only demagogues who seek to lead a mindless horde are well served by them. I find the pledge of allegiance, and all other such pledges to be completely useless to an open and free society. The few people who really do take them to heart are sheep who were never going to be revolutionaries, dissenters, spies or traitors in the first place, and the few who actually benefit from them know that they are only seeking power and obedience. As far as other symbols go, the flag is nothing but a rag, and it doesn’t stand for anything. In a rational world, it would serve no purpose to anyone other than visual identification. Any “meaning” attached to it is in the mind of the flag-waver, and have to do only with the political ideals of the individual or whatever tribal ideology they may have accepted.

    My love for this country is based on my personal history with this country and the respect I have for the ideals and actions of the people of this country. That is as far as any patriotism can go without sacrificing honesty and integrity in exchange for tribal chest-beating and a cheap rush of false superiority. Flags, parades, oaths and pledges are cheap substitutes for those who do not have the strength and honesty to admit any inconvenient truths. When my countrymen act like demented cavemen and savage animals under the banner of the flag, I will call them on it no matter how “patriotic” they are. A large part of the current population of this country are so ignorant, selfish, paranoid, hateful and greedy that the only philosophies they can grasp are “might makes right”, “America, right or wrong”, and “love it or leave it.” These people currently call themselves “Republicans”, “conservatives”, and …big surprise…”Patriots.” The only arguments they make are shoving flags in everyone’s faces, shouting down their opponents, lying and name-calling, and if all else fails, pure animal violence. Their loud, swaggering “patriotism” is about as well-reasoned and valuable as the philosophical musings or moral code of a parasitic virus.

    It may seem that I’ve wandered pretty far from the topic of the pledge and “under god”, but it all seems quite closely related to me. Political situations like that of America today are what you get when patriotism becomes a religious sentiment(or even a religion itself), and national conformity and acceptance of non-existent gods, flag and military worship, and forced pledges are held by most to be more important than understanding the ideals expressed in the words of the founding documents of the country and the philosophies that inspired them.

  8. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that standing on my roof and loudly praying is not a demonstration of my piety. My, my. What is this world coming to! 😉


  9. Neil- what you said. But Moloch is still young, and he’s intelligent, so I’m not worried- he’ll snap out of this “patriotism” thing by broadening it to include the whole world.

  10. . . .liberty and justice for all.

    You sure that wasn’t “. . .liberty and justice for all White Anglo Saxon Protestant Males.”???

    Probably just a typo . . . 😉


  11. In Canada we have a Oath of Allegiance, it has to be said before someone can occupy a governmental, military, police, or judicial position, it is also said by new citizens of Canada. It goes “I, [name], do Solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors according to law, forever. So help me God“. A person may choose to replace the word swear with affirm, and to omit the phrase so help me God. I’ve never had to say it, but it is nice to know that it can be changed to accommodate those of another religion and non-believers. There is also a version for people whose religion prohibits the taking of oaths, “I, [name], do solemnly, sincerely and truly affirm and declare the taking of an oath is according to my religious belief unlawful, and I do also solemnly, sincerely and truly affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II“.

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